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Overhead Throwing Program for Baseball Players

Increases in shoulder and elbow injuries among youth baseball players are often attributed to poor throwing mechanics. Overuse (year-round training, pitching too many innings, playing multiple positions) may also contribute to these problems.

Accelerated can help reduce the risk of injury baseball players—and improve their performance—with our new Overhead Throwing Program.

The program is based at our Evanston Performance Center (1629 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL) and is
also offered remotely to high schools, club teams, colleges and individuals. It offers the following features, coordinated by a specially-trained Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer:

  • 20-point biomechanical analysis

  • Take-home DVD

  • Professional indoor mound (both adult and youth)

  • Use of high speed camera capturing 500+ frames per second

  • Dartfish ProSuite software providing slow motion analysis

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) to identify strength and flexibility impairments

  • Identification of risk factors in the pitching/throwing mechanics

  • Identification of risk factors in the kinetic chain sequence

Players recovering from throwing injuries receive:

  • Prevention tips for reducing stress on shoulder and elbow joints

  • Return-to-play protocols

  • Research-based, sports-specific shoulder and elbow protocols

  • Interval throwing program recommendations

  • Faster recovery

Players seeking to improve their overall performance receive:

  • Performance enhancement

  • Recommendations for improving control

  • Techniques for improving velocity

  • Off-season strengthening and conditioning programs

Please call us today to set up your individual or team appointment:

Throwing Analysis Program: View video here to learn how this program helped one of our patients.

Watch the video of Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers Physical Therapist, Terrance Sgroi's on ABC 7 News Chicago talking about 'Preventing Youth Baseball Overuse Injuries' and Accelerated's video on the Throwing Analysis Program'.