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Industrial Rehabilitation

Employee Education

Research and experience have shown that Employee Education not only reduces the severity and frequency of workers' compensation claims, but that it also improves employee morale and productivity.

So with injury prevention the main focus, Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers partners with employers to custom design invaluable employee education programs. Accelerated's well-trained, professional staff conducts analyses of work environments. We observe employees as well as assess physical demands, problem areas, and risk factors. 

This process helps identify cost drivers and injury trends, ultimately determining specific departments that will benefit from injury prevention programs.

Based on our analyses, Accelerated experts recommend one-hour injury prevention classes to be conducted at work sites. Topics include basic anatomy, repetitive injury, safe work techniques, healthy backs, proper posture, body mechanics, good lifting techniques, healthy work habits, self-management techniques, and solutions for injury prevention. The programs may incorporate “real work” situations, ensuring that instruction is job-specific and meaningful to the workers. Following the initial training period, classes may be separated by new hires and existing employees. This way, the programs can be more specific with ongoing "refresher" courses for existing employees and "introductory" programs for new hires.