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Accelerated Celebrates
National Athletic Training Month

March is National Athletic Training Month --  a great time to celebrate the care  that athletic trainers provide to student-athletes in our communities

Athletic trainers do much more than splint fingers and wrap ankles.  They are certified healthcare professionals trained in preventing, identifying and treating a wide variety of sports injuries.  Athletic trainers work for high schools, colleges, club teams and professional teams of all sizes. They work closely with physicians to ensure that an athlete’s injury is properly treated and with the athlete during his/her rehabilitation.

Here’s a story from one Accelerated athletic trainer. We are proud of her and all of our ATs!

Michigan Athletic Trainer Erin

In my third year as an athletic trainer, I witnessed a severe head injury to a senior football player. After witnessing his symptoms and performing an evaluation on the sidelines, I concluded that he had a concussion. Following the game, in the team huddle, he began to vomit. I urged him to be seen by a doctor.  His Mom opted to take him home and watch him overnight. A few days later, back at practice, he was hit in the head with a football. He became dizzy and had a severe headache. Immediately, I contacted his mom and convinced her to take him to a doctor. His doctor diagnosed him with a concussion as well. About two weeks later, he participated in basketball season tryouts. During a 6:00 am conditioning, he experienced another headache. I encouraged his return to the doctor, in which a CT scan was recommended. (In 2013 the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine acknowledged the valuable use of CT scans, for concussions associated with severe headache.) His Mom learned a valuable lesson, not too take head injuries lightly. And, thankfully, the athlete recovered with a successful basketball season.

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Sports Medicine  Services

Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers takes pride in supporting our communities as well as its athletes, coaches, parents, and families. Our licensed, certified athletic trainers and physical therapists are committed to providing excellent, quality care for high schools, colleges, clubs, and professional teams. In addition, we support many local recreational groups, and individuals who are working toward lifestyles of wellness and personal fitness.

Accelerated's highly skilled, enthusiastic athletic trainers possess first-hand knowledge and experience related to the exact training and health care needs involved in athletics and fitness. Our sports medicine services are unparalleled in the industry, as our top priority is to help our patients achieve their goals of staying healthy.

Our key sports medicine programs and related services include:

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